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Dedication to Amber

Amber was a rescue that we got at 10 weeks old and ended up having him for 15 years. He made the move with us from South Africa and was just the best trooper right through everything. We sadly had to put him down last year after he suffered a major brain haemorrhage which left him blind, paralysed with no bowel/bladder control. Really one of the worst days of my life to have to let him go, as he was always my anchor and new intuitively when I needed comforting. Having lost my mom very suddenly just 6 months before losing him was really hard to overcome. He was always somewhere near me, just wanted to be with me, so I’d like to continue to have him close through this dedication. I have always called him my model and quality controller. He just had to try out everything I made over the years, especially quilts.  Attached are some of my special pictures that I’d like to share with you all.’

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