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February 2021 price increase

Covid has brought about so many changes to our lives with survival a constant challenge.  Stitches by Frieda has equally faced many challenges as being in lockdown has meant no events.  This has had a serious financial impact on our business.  Staying alive with no financial support has not been easy but we have managed to keep going so far.

In the past years there has been a serious shortage on raw materials for the manufacturing of foam, crumb and wadding.  This has caused prices on these products to sky rocket.  Sadly, we can no longer absorb all the price increases that have come our way, so it is with a heavy heart that we have had to adjust some of our prices.  The increases are on all our donut and flat beds, with prices on the balance of our products remaining unchanged for now.

Hopefully our lives will return to some form of normal in near future.  For now, be careful and stay safe.

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